Call for Volunteer Translators

Dear members of the GAC-EPA,

From 2012 onwards we will make an effort to provide all material we publish in the two official languages of CERN:  French and English.

Until now we have relied on a team of dedicated volunteers to help translate material.  But the task has gradually become larger and especially more time-bound.

Indeed, you expect the site to be up-to-date and you expect every bit of information to be available in both languages, be it in the Bulletin or on the web.

Therefore we would like our current team of volunteers to be enlarged, and appeal to you for help.

The more you are, the lighter the task for each.  There are a few points to note:

The amount of text to be translated is usually short, of the order of an article from the Bulletin or a page of our site.

If you are interested, please write a message to (adress no longer in use/adresse plus en service)

Thank you in advance.