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Future of the Pension Fund

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The Staff Association and the CERN and ESO Pensioners’ Association

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Demand the CERN Council

 1 In 1986 (CERN/1628), the Council decided to establish a foundation under Swiss law, with the aim of taking over the Fund, to assure the continuity of the payment of the pension rights of each beneficiary in the event of the dissolution of CERN.

In 1996 (CERN/2165) the Council decided that before establishing such a foundation, the Fund must be financially balanced on the basis of realistic actuarial parameters, notably taking into account the liabilities related to the future indexation of the pensions.

 2 Council Resolution on the restoration of full funding of the CERN Pension Fund (CERN/2972), Annex 2. “as this package constitutes an equitable distribution of efforts between all stakeholders, i.e., staff members, pensioners and the participating Organizations, its individual elements cannot be modified without revision of the entire package, always maintaining the equitable distribution model.”

 3 A letter, requesting the respect of the procedures, has already been sent to the President of the CERN Council in January 2014.

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