GAC-EPA — Groupement des Anciens du CERN-ESO Pensioners' Association


COVID Donation

Dear GAC-EPA members,
Dear all,

The year 2020 is coming to an end and the situation is the same everywhere, on all continents, that is to say millions of people affected by this pandemic both in human and economic terms. However, in Europe we are fortunate to have good health systems and state financial aid to the economy to deal with this situation.

Alas, this is not the case for the already precarious populations of developing countries, who today need our help. When everything stops because of confinement, but you have to work during the day to be able to eat at night, it quickly becomes catastrophic…

Read below the appeal launched by the "Long Term Collections", the humanitarian committee of the Staff Association. You will find there all their motivations and indications to participate in a fundraising "Emergency Covid-19" in order to quickly bring a welcome help to those more disadvantaged than we.

I invite you all to participate generously and thank you in advance.

Enrico Chiaveri,


Covid-19: make a one-time donation in this exceptional situation!

Dear colleagues,

2020 is coming to an end and we will remember it as a terrible year, that of Covid-19.

Even the holiday season that is just beginning will be so different... Collectively we are trying to resist.

At LTC, the CERN Staff Association's Long-Term Collections, we cannot really complain about our fate. Our mission is to support associations that help some of the world's poorest populations. We have been doing this for nearly 50 years, acting here and there in response to humanitarian crises. But this is the first time we have had to face the terrible consequences of a health phenomenon that is both simultaneous and global in scope.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, this is a sad observation that must be made for all the poor populations who were already living in precarious conditions before the crisis. The situation is so alarming that it requires us to take action.

That is why today we are launching an emergency fund appeal so that we can make an exceptional financial contribution at the end of the year to communities we have known for a long time and which are now facing very great difficulties.

If you are sensitive to our approach, if you plan to make a one-time donation to respond to the distress of these underprivileged populations, please find more information here: LTC/COVID-19 EMERGENCY

Please stand together with us; thank you in advance for your support.

On behalf of the LTC Committee,

Gianni Deroma