Water problems at CERN

Message from the CERN internal communications team

Dear colleagues,

Following the incident this morning (13 October), in which a pipe supplying CERN with water burst under the road close to the French-Swiss border in Meyrin, this email provides additional information concerning access to water and restaurant services on the CERN sites.

After careful analysis of the changes in pressure levels across CERN networks during and after the incident, CERN services have assessed that water supplies to Restaurant 1, the CERN hostels (Buildings 38, 39, 41) and the cafeteria in Building 40 are safe. These will thus remain open, and you may eat and drink water as per normal, including from the water fountains available in Restaurant 1.

All other restaurants and cafeterias at CERN will be closed (Restaurant 2, Restaurant 3, Cafeterias in buildings 13, 6, 54 and 30 on the Meyrin site, and building 777 on the Prévessin site), as a measure of precaution, since their water networks showed significant drops in pressure.

More generally, and also as a precaution, you are advised to continue to avoid drinking water from taps across all sites or use coffee machines connected to the mains water supply, while samples from the CERN network are tested.

Water at BA4, BA5 and LHC points 2, 3.2, 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 is safe to drink, since these areas are not supplied by the SIG network but by local neighbourhood networks.

An update on the situation will follow, as more information becomes available.

Best regards,

The internal communications team

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