Annual General Meeting 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of 18 March

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  1. Welcome, introduction and election of the Chairperson of the meeting
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes of the 2012 OGA

    Attack on Pensions (exceptional point)
  4. Report on the 2013-2014 Activities and Presentation of the New Committee
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Auditor’s report
  7. Approval of the three preceding reports
  8. Scrutineers for the 2014 Elections
  9. Report on the Pension Fund
  10. Report on the Health Insurance Scheme
  11. Report on Pension Guarantees
  12. Report on the Information sessions “Permanences”
  13. Activities for the next 12 months
  14. Approval of the 2014 budget and contributions for 2014 and 2015
  15. Any other questions

Welcome, introduction and election of the Chairperson of the meeting

In the absence of the GAC-EPA President, Gerrit Jan Bossen, forced to remain immobile due to a “sports” accident, Jean-Claude Gouache, Vice President, opened the 2015 Annual General Assembly (AGM) which took place this year from 14h30 to 16h30 in the Main Auditorium. He welcomed the 250 or so participating members, thanking them for attending, to whom should be added some 76 members represented by proxy as well as the members following the proceedings over the webcast.

He then warmly welcomed our VIP guest, Ms. Fabiola Gianotti, future CERN Director General as of 1st January 2016, thanking her for honouring us with her presence despite her very busy schedule, and passed the floor to her:

Ms. F. Gianotti said she was delighted to have been invited to speak at our AGM as the pensioners were responsible for the history of CERN and ESO and had largely contributed to what these Organizations have now become, an example of scientific success and worldwide cooperation. The pensioners are also part of today's CERN and ESO; she recognizes the attachment and interest that the pensioners have in the well functioning of these Organizations even though they are no longer actively involved, and their actions in support of the two organizations. The LHC, with the discovery of the Higgs Boson, has allowed a big step forward in knowledge in the field of particle physics and its operation in the coming years will allow further progress. The basis for the future must now be launched and, in the present economic climate, this will of course not be easy. In these conditions the support of the pensioners will be very useful and she assured us that we can count on her to fulfil her mission in the interest of CERN and its staff, both active and retired.

Jean-Claude warmly thanked Ms. Gianotti.

He then paid tribute to all those retired members who had passed away since the last AGM and invited the audience to observe a minute’s silence in their memory.

The list of deceased beneficiairies of the pension fund since the last AGM was projected onto the screen.

NB after the meeting, we learnt of the recent death of our colleague, Roland MAGNY.

Jean-Claude then proposed Bernard Ducret as Chairman of the meeting, and this was unanimously adopted.

NB: You can consult the presentations used by the speakers (texts in one language only).

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Approval of the Agenda

Bernard Ducret, Chairman of the meeting, welcomed the audience and proposed the adoption of the Agenda.

The agenda was adopted unanimously.

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Approval of the minutes of the 2014 AGM

Bernard Ducret asked if there were any remarks to be made on the 2014 AGM Minutes; there were none.

Therefore, the Minutes of the AGM of 26 March 2014, distributed at the beginning of June 2014, were approved unanimously.

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Report on the 2014-2015 Activities and Presentation of the New Committee

Bernard Ducret gave the floor to Jean-Claude Gouache, re-elected Vice-President at the last elections in November 2014, who presented the following report.

Jean-Claude gave a summary of the items which have preoccupied the Committee during the previous months and commented on the following table:

Prime Concerns of your Committee

Details in the presentations of my colleagues

Table shown :

Pension Fund:

Explanations concerning the Pension Fund will follow.

Table shown:

Health Insurance:

Table shown:

Site access (CERN / ESO) situation improved for cars

Details will be given in the presentations to follow. Jean-Claude then went on to mention a few details concerning the Pension Fund.

Although we were expecting a performance of 2.5% in 2014, Claude Genier will show us that it was in fact more.

The Administrator (CEO) of the PF, Th. Economou, ceased his functions on 31.01.2015. Currently the management of the PF is under the responsibility of, ad interim, T. Lagrange, Head of Finance Department; a new CEO has been chosen and he will more than likely be «enthroned» shortly by CERN Council.

Concerning the financial crisis and the events up until November 2014, Jean-Claude reminded us that the President of GAC-EPA had provided a detailed exposé at the informal meeting of 26th November 2014.

For those who wish to refresh their memories on the actions taken, the information given in the following tables will be useful (internet connection necessary):

2014 Crisis

(see and/or http:// )
03.2014 (OGM): Resolution of the Staff Association and GAC-EPA

04/05/06.2014: information campaign (articles in Echo)

06.2014: Proposal for Resolution submitted by a delegation

Video of the gathering of all Cernois

The intense efforts of explanation by several stakeholders in recent months and the mobilization of active and retired staff have borne fruit. Indeed, the CERN Council concluded that no new Resolution on the Pension Fund is needed at this moment.

2014 Crisis (continued)

The Council decided not to set up a working group. However, each Member State is invited, before mid-October, to clearly state to the Presidency of Council the changes it wishes in the conditions of the CERN Pensions.

Jean-Claude then went on to say what has happened since November 2014 as the CERN Council has somewhat come back on its decisions:

Indeed, if the establishment of a working group was not judged timely, the CERN Council invited the Delegations to formulate their view of the situation concerning the Pension Fund, and to voice the changes requested.

During December 2014, the Delegations also received an explanation on the meaning of the C coefficient (oscillating between 20 and 30%), applied to salaries and affecting pension levels.

Moreover, the external auditors (Polish Audit Office) spoke about the Governance of the Pension Fund and the necessity to make changes in the representatives of the PFGB.

As we can see, there are reasons to be wary and vigilant.

2014 Crisis (continued)

Thirteen Delegations replied to the President of Council and submitted numerous questions which the group of Presidents (Council, Finance Committee, DG) had tried to put together. It appears that it is the foundation itself of the Pension Fund (i.e. a defined-benefit pension scheme) which is questioned and that it is deemed necessary to study the possibility of transforming it into a defined-contribution scheme, so as to reduce the commitments of the Organizations towards the Pension Fund (PF).

The Delegations are interested in the C coefficient; its manipulation would lead to a way of reducing the benefits and therefore the obligations of the Fund.

Legal experts have thus been proposed by the Delegations to study the possibility of such changes; a choice should come up during the current Council meetings; in parallel the actuary of the Fund will be invited to evaluate its financial cost.

As can be seen, it is a matter of acquired rights and the possibility to question them and we could ask ourselves the following question: how would that be seen by the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO (ILOAT)?

The Staff Association and the GAC-EPA have again questioned the principle of this unjustified attack on the foundation of the PF in an open letter sent to the Delegates of the Member States on 8 December 2014; it was also underlined that the Governing Board of the PF (PFGB) had shown that the packet of measures negotiated in 2010/2011 permitted the situation of the PF to be correctly rectified since the rate of cover on the horizon of 2041, according to the actuarial calculations, would be higher than 100%.

But it would seem that the CERN Council has turned a deaf ear to these arguments since it insists on mandating legal experts to make costly studies.

It could be imagined that the changes envisaged would not affect the present beneficiaries and that the threat would only concern the present staff and new recruits (which is already in itself totally inadmissible), but certain terms in the mandate given to the experts suggest that the present beneficiaries could also suffer.

Moreover, our fears have been increased by the fact that the National Swiss Bank (BNS) has abandoned the fixed rate of the Swiss Franc vis-à-vis the Euro, which has led to an increase in the contributions to the CERN budget for the majority of Member States; the CERN Management, on its own initiative, has made proposals to the Delegations and Council (a packet of measures) in anticipation of temptations provoked by this measure.

Jean-Claude reconfirmed that the Staff Association and the GAC-EPA are strongly against this frontal attack on the Pension Fund and we must be ready to act.

2014 Crisis (continued)


The President of GAC-EPA informed you all about the election results at the informal meeting and drink on 26 November 2014 and the details of the election will be in the next Spring Bulletin.

The partial renewal of the committee meant that 8 outgoing members were re-elected and a new member was elected on to the committee.  Moreover, at its meeting of 8 December 2014 the committee decided, as the Rules allow, to co-opt 2 candidates who came 10th and 11th in the election.

The new Committee in office as of 1 January 2015 consists of 21 elected members, 2 co-opted members and 1 permanent guest i.e. our expert for computing, which makes in all 24 members.  Members have mainly kept the same functions as in the previous committee with the exception of the following changes:

We also had to elect an auditor and Ernst Radermacher has been elected for 2015-2016; thus, as the Rules foresee, we again have 2 auditors.

The election results were shown on the screen, and then the structure chart of the full committee was projected

Jean-Claude Gouache ended his report.

Bernard Ducret thanked Jean-Claude for his detailed presentation and asked Monique Häusermann to continue with the Treasurer’s report.

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Treasurer’s Report

Monique thanked all those who had paid up their subscription (from CHF 25 to 30) including those who had left CHF5 at the Staff Association Secretariat in the name of the Treasurer; many opted for this method. She reminded all those who had not yet done so to update their permanent standing order and thanked them in advance.

She then presented the accounts with mention to the big reduction in printing costs for 2014 (thanks to everyone who asked for e-communication). She also pointed out the creation of a reserve account to cover risks of possible future legal costs.

Profit and Loss Account at 2014-12-31

EXPENDITURE 2013 2014 Budget 2015
Staff Association   20'975.00   21'000.00 22'000.00
Bank charges 15.30 18.80 20.00
Postal charges 34.80 43.80 150.00
Receptions 12'539.18 12'438.13 14'000.00
Printing 17'892.70 17'892.70 13'000
Administration costs 40.00 40.00 50.00
Computing costs 380.00 380.00 400.00
Experts Fees* 1'379.54
Total expenditure 51'885.98 46'933.86 49'620.00
Surplus 1'801.59 1'590.00
TOTAL 51'885.98 48'735.45 51'210.00
REVENUE 2012 2013 Budget 2014
Membership fees   44'000.00   48'539.00 51'000.00
Bank interest 309.00 193.40 200.00
Postal account interest 2.70 3.05 10.00
Total revenue 44'311.70 48'735.45 51'210.00
Excess expenditure 7'574.28
TOTAL 51'885.98 48'735.45 51'210.00

*No amount is shown for this account in 2015 Budget as a Reserve account has been created in 2015

Balance sheet at 2014-12-31:

Postal Account 7'588.12 Capital 98'582.37
UBS current account 14'134.80 Carried over 4'185.80
UBS savings account 101'045.25 Reserve account 20'000.00
TOTAL Funds 122'768.17 TOTAL Funds 116'780.78

Question from a member: Why is there a large amount in the savings account when the interest is so low?

Monique thanked the member for his remark and intends to take action on this point.

The Chairperson thanked Monique for her clear explanations and asked the Auditor, Guy Salomon to make his report.

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Auditors’ Report

Guy Salomon stated that he has audited the accounts and found them to be correct. He made the following statement:

Under the mandate that has been entrusted to me at the last AGM, I have proceeded with the auditing of the accounts for 2014.

After checking, I found perfect agreement with the justifications at my disposal and the written accounting indicated in the books. I can but recommend to the present Assembly to give approval of the accounts to our Treasurer.

I congratulate Monique Häusermann for her management and immaculate presentation of the accounts.

Signed: Guy-Roger Salomon, Auditor

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Approval of the three preceding Reports

Bernard Ducret thanked Guy Salomon and invited the Assembly to approve the previous three reports (Activity Report 2014-2015, Treasurer's Report, Auditor's Report) simultaneously.

There were no votes against and no abstentions.

These three reports were unanimously approved.

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Scrutineers for the 2015 Elections

Bernard Ducret presented this item of the agenda based on information received from the Secretariat.

First he showed the current list of scrutineers (2014), 16 in total (of whom all have been retained in 2015 barring news to the contrary).

Scrutineers for 2015 elections

First NameSurname

N.B. The Secretariat sincerely thanked all the scrutineers for their help with the last sorting of votes in November 2014.

Then the usual call for candidates was announced as the Rules of GAC-EPA allow for a total of 20 scrutineers; members who may wish to register were requested to come forward, with thanks.

Call for new candidates

If you wish to be a scrutineer:

Contact the Secretary after the meeting


Send a message to the Secretariat using the contact form


Write to the GAC-EPA Secretariat

N.B. Guy Momeux is registered by e-mail request of 20.03.2015 as scrutineer.

Bernard Ducret then asked Claude Genier to speak to us about the Pension Fund.

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Report on the Pension Fund

Firstly, Claude explained that he was obliged to step down from the job of GAC-EPA representative on the PFGB; the tasks involved required being very available and he could no longer give so much time due to other commitments; he thanked Michel Baboulaz for taking up the torch to carry on.

Claude refrained from mentioning the attack on pensions again as Jean-Claude Gouache had amply presented the subject but, he insisted that since the last AGM in March 2014 the situation had changed, according to his own opinion, to be in a less favorable light, both for retirees and staff alike. Threats are real and he asked that everyone remained alert and ready to take action; due to this fact it would be necessary to communicate quickly and if the committee knows e-mail addresses, then all the better.

He then went on to provide information on the PFGB and the Pensions Committee:

The PFGB as at 31.12.2014 was composed of:

Moreover, Sylvain Weisz has been elected Chairman of the Actuarial and Technical Committee (ATC) and Alessandro Raimondo has been elected Chairman of the Pension Fund Investment Committee (PFIC).

Claude then gave a summary of important facts in 2014:

Claude then spoke of the financial situation of the Pension Fund using the following tables as a basis for the figures he presented:

Some results

Performance of the Fund in 2014: +3.31%


One can observe the progression for 2014 which dropped down at the year-end, even so the criteria of 3% above inflation was achieved.

The present assets of the Pension Fund were just above 4'000 MCHF.

The change in exchange rate of the Swiss Franc at the beginning of 2015 only caused slight losses due to protection strategy in place for risks covering the Pension Fund.

Forecast 2041-01-01

Dashboard 2014-06-03


Actuarial studies are made regularly to estimate the Pension Fund's set up over the long-term. The latest of these to date showed that the Pension Fund was covered by more than 100% beyond the 2041 horizon, thanks to the measures negotiated in 2010/2011.

You are referred to the Pension Fund website for further information, particularly about investments

With this information, Claude Genier ended his presentation.

Bernard Ducret thanked Claude for his report and asked Michel Baboulaz to take the floor.

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Report on the Health Insurance Scheme

Michel Baboulaz (one of our two CHIS Board delegates up to 31.12.2014) suggested that he completes what was previously said by Jean-Claude Gouache by presenting a series of scenarios

UNIQA had still not finalized their annual statistics so he hoped that later David Jacobs would be able to show these in the spring bulletin

Michel's presentations needed little commentary.

Change in the governance of our health insurance

As a result of the 2011 report by Internal Audit the roles of parties concerned had been reviewed and written into the Rules of the Health Insurance Scheme with effect as of 1 June 2014.

From now on the CHIS Board committee, chaired by the Strategic Councillor nominated by the Director-General and in which two delegates of GAC-EPA participate, shall prepare the discussions on parity basis concerning health insurance matters which are treated by the SCC (Standing Concertation Committee).

The CHIS Board shall no longer be requested to propose changes; it may give its opinion on the proposals made by the Administration.

Financial Status of CHIS (CERN Health Insurance Scheme)

The annual accounts showed that thanks to the continued increase in contributions from 2011 to 2015, funds have been placed in a reserve account which is foreseen to cover any future deficit or high risks.

The reserve account is split between two banks and has given on average a return of 5.8% in 2014.

In 2015 contributions of Pension Fund members is 4.86% of the reference salary (the basic salary paid at the moment of leaving the Organization and adjusted annually as for pensions).The contribution paid by CERN is 8.51% of this same reference salary.

The much-appreciated return of 5.8% on the reserve fund was achieved without any particular investment strategy.

The total contribution paid is 13.37% based on the reference salary

The administration contract of the Scheme

The call for competitive tenders launched in 2011 ended in 2014 with the choice of the company UNIQA which remains the third-party administrator of our Health insurance scheme since 1971.

CHIS Bulletin no. 39 of December 2014 set out the new services included and some changes. A clear improvement of UNIQA`s website has been achieved with a Member's space that provides very useful information (see article on page 9 of the CHIS Bull).

UNIQA remains therefore the third-party administrator. Take a look at the new website and find out more about the new items included. Later on, the site will be adapted to deal with the electronic management of all documents, including reimbursement forms. All documents will be scanned, including annexes.

Changes in legislation in the Host Member States

During 2014 two subjects led to heated discussion in the CHIS Board.

  1. On 31st May 2014 the French government put an end to the right of frontier workers to opt for a private health insurance. This concerned family members of CHIS insured persons working in Switzerland and residing in France. Action taken by CERN's Administration resulted in resolving the majority of cases concerned in favour of the frontier worker. CHIS Bull no. 39 summarises the case.
  2. The GAC-EPA delegates and CERN's Administration have been engaged in an important exchange of view points regarding the automatic affiliation of persons who reside in France and receive a French pension, to the French social and health insurance scheme. The entire income of these persons is subjected to the social contribution tax known as CSG and CRDS due to this affiliation.
    The GAC-EPA created a study group and insisted that the CERN Administration intervene with the French authorities. Refer again to CHIS Bull no. 39 for the update at end 2014. Some progress is hoped for but legal action may be envisaged by GAC-EPA as discussed by the study group, known as C2S.

The levying of CSG and CRDS tax is a question intimately bound up with the "Vitale Card" of the French Health Insurance Scheme and use or not of it. The group C2S are looking into this question. The recognition by the French authorities of CHIS as a primary health insurance body on the same level and with the same status as the French Health Insurance Scheme should possibly solve the problem.

Reminder of the principles governing our Health Insurance

With this reminder to members, Michel ended his presentation.

The Chairperson, Bernard Ducret, thanked Michel Baboulaz.

He gave the floor to Michel Vitasse to present information about our Pension Guarantee.

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Report on Pension Guarantees (and Health Insurance)

It was Michel's opinion that the current situation did not lend itself to questioning about Pension Guarantees; but, in his presentation shown, he endeavoured to illustrate that up to a certain limit, some legal guarantees do exist and could be referred to. The presentation was to the point and needed little comment.

We are not at square one

As long as the Organization exists:

According to Article I 3.03 of the Rules and Regulations of the Pension Fund

"CERN and ESO guarantee the benefits acquired under the provisions of these Rules by the members of their own personnel until the cessation of the rights of the last beneficiary"

Shortly before the dissolution of the Organization the decision would already have been taken:

Member States obligation to CERN in case of withdrawal from the Organization (CERN/3042, December 2012)

According to the CERN Convention:

The amount of these commitments is shown in the accounts of the Organization which are audited and approved annually by the CERN Council.

On this premise, the commitments at end 2013 for CERN and accounted for according to the PPSAS25 norm (CERN/3110, page 37) were:

Even if much remains to be done for our Health Insurance Scheme

Whereas the Pension Fund is a capitalized fund, our Health Insurance Scheme must be in equilibrium each year with its budget: costs must be weighed out by contributions from both CERN active and retired staff.

However, during any period of existence of a Foundation, the Organization would no longer contribute to the insurance scheme.

Our legal advisors suggest that the most obvious solution would be to transfer the capital funds of CHIS and all management activities required for running the scheme to another international organization.15

This would ensure maintaining the acquired rights, especially worldwide insurance cover, the rights to benefits and internal appeals such as defined in the CHIS Rules.

They propose, moreover, an addition to the Rules with indication that the Council of the Organization would take all necessary measures so that all beneficiaries can remain a member of the health insurance scheme which exists at the time of dissolution; or, failing this, be affiliated to a scheme offering comparable cover for equivalent contributions.

Even if much still remains to be done to create a future Foundation

To prepare for the creation of a future Foundation

Even if much still remains to be done

Review the decision to create a future Foundation under Swiss law:

According to our legal council and in view of the most recent jurisprudence in matters of international administrative law, they propose to review the decision to create a Foundation under Swiss law for management of the Pension Fund and to consider the possible transfer of the management of the funds to another international organization such as has been done in the case of the Western European Union which was dissolved in 2011.

The solution of a Foundation does not offer the same guarantees as a transfer of the Pension Fund to another international organization; the means of appeal foreseen by an Act of constitution of a Foundation do not allow the Member States to be held responsible after the dissolution of the Organization.

It is urgent to mark time…

The recent attacks made on our social cover gives thought to the matter and we advise that no new requests are made; it is not the right moment in time, especially regarding any transfer of our social protection cover to another international organization.

In view of all the projects which CERN still has "up its sleeve" the Organization has many long years of existence in front of it. This is our best guarantee for the future of our pensions which, we must not forget, are guaranteed by CERN (and by ESO) no matter what the "state of health" of the Pension Fund may be.

Michel showed that several aspects have still to be looked into and a lot of work remains to be done; nevertheless he felt that the present-day crisis concerning attacks on our system of social protection did not lend itself to opening further negotiations on the subject. He remained confident in the Organization's engagement.

Bernard Ducret thanked Michel Vitasse for his presentation and asked Jean-François Michaud to make his report.

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Report on the Information Sessions ('Permanences')

Jean-François recalled, for the information of everyone present, that the four members of the committee present at these sessions were Gunilla Santiard, René Barthélémy, himself and Michel Boffard who joined the group during the year 2014. The Information sessions were organized as follows:

Opening Times

Every first TUESDAY of each month, except January, July and August.

See the calendar.

Jean-François explained that many subjects were treated during these sessions when replies were given, if possible, but as they were not professional counselors they are sometimes obliged to direct persons to more competent sources where the request made can usually be answered satisfactorily.

See below the table of the subjects concerning the most frequently asked questions (FAQs):


For a few years now the French tax problem related to payment of the CSG and CRDS tax is recurrent.

This year again

CSG and CRDS tax problems concerning taxation in France have been the most frequent.

A group has now been set up which held a meeting today here before this AGM; attendees today will be informed directly of the outcome of this group meeting of which the main decisions are outlined below:

The status of the Information sessions this year was:

Generally considered to be satisfactory.

Exchanges during these sessions were most convivial and some experiences shared have been rich in content and sometimes helped others with similar questions.

Jean-François wished to express his hope that all those who came for advice and support found satisfaction; the team was prepared to continue within the framework of the GAC-EPA Committee and he thanked all concerned for their confidence and support.

Bernard Ducret thanked Jean-François Michaud for his enlightening presentation and requested the Vice-President to take the floor again.

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Activities for the next 12 months

Jean-Claude Gouache would now sum up the points for action over the next months according to the subjects which appear to give the most concern.

Attack on our pensions – number one priority of concern:

Pension Fund:

Follow-up and anticipation of the discussions in CERN Council PFGB

In view of the way discussions were going in Council about our pensions, we should draw up what action to take and any counter-arguments. We must watch over the need for a balance in representation in the Pension Fund Governing Board.

The Health insurance must be kept in focus too, even if the financial situation has returned to a satisfactory level.

Health Insurance

New governance of the CHIS in place.


We must watch out for any opportunities to be short-circuited and not be made powerless regarding any say in decisions concerning health insurance in view of the new role given to the CHIS Board. We shall give support to the new collectivity CSG-CRDS which is now the C2S.

It has become even more difficult to ignore computers and the network:

Informatics support

Make it easy and stress the use of informatics to our members

The committee first and foremost must get up to speed in this area and Robert Cailliau, our expert, is consistently reminding us of this. We also ask members who have an internet connection to send us their electronic address (e-mail), which would greatly ease communications; but of course those who are "rebels" will not be left uninformed. Thank you to all of those who have already accepted to receive our e-information.18

Autumn 2015 will again see the election procedure for GAC-EPA:


Autumn elections (12 seats will be up for election)

There will be 12 committee members whose mandate will end and will be up for re-election. We call for any members to stand for election. There shall also be one Auditor's seat for election.

Your Committee is at the service of all members of GAC-EPA and we wish to state that it looks after all beneficiaries of the Pension Fund.

Service to Members

Information Sessions

Social event: 60th Anniversary of CERN AP

As already said by Jean-François, the Information Sessions will continue and give replies to your questions to the best of their abilities.

After CERN it is the turn of the Staff Association to celebrate its 60th Anniversary; this will take place on 21st May 2015; of course, all retired members will be invited and you will receive all the information concerning the event in due course.

This was all for the presentation of the future events programmed over the coming months.

Bernard Ducret thanked the Vice-President very much and moved to the next item:

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Approval of the budget for 2015 and membership fee for 2015 to GAC-EPA

Bernard asked all in attendance to vote by raising a hand for the 2015 budget as presented in item 5. of the agenda, our Treasurer had another appointment and had to leave the meeting earlier.

The budget was approved unanimously with 2 abstentions.

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Any other business

Bernard Ducret pointed out that the membership fee remained at CHF30/per year and reminded members again to please update their standing orders if they had not already done so.

He also again asked members to send in their e-mail address.

There were no further questions.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting had come to an end. The Chairman invited all present to come to the drink.

The meeting was declared closed.

Editor: Mario Danesin

NB: These Minutes must be kept for the next Annual General Meeting

There will not be another distribution

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