Malcolm Dykes

Malcolm Dykes — 1931-2011

Malcolm Dykes had studied physics and mathematics at Liverpool University. In 1966 he came to CERN, joining the operation group of the 2 metre liquid hydrogen bubble chamber. Demands on engineering skills – both conventional and shrewd – were high in this new field of track chambers. The atmosphere in the group profited largely from Malcolm's natural ability of counselling without imposing. His many extra-professional interests and his sense of humour were the basis for excellent human relations.

After the shut-down of the 2 metre chamber in 1978, Malcolm joined the European Hybrid Spectrometer EHS. EHS incorporated the Rapid Cycling Bubble Chamber RCBC designed by Rutherford Laboratory in England for installation and operation at CERN. Malcolm was the linkman between CERN and the British team. He was also responsible for the development and handling of bubble chamber films until his retirement in 1991.

Malcolm's extraordinary linguistic skills and his editorial talents were soon discovered. Authors appreciated the possibility of discussing arguments with him as a knowledgeable reader with broad interests. After retirement Malcolm continued to help GAC-EPA to polish up documents of any kind.

After a stroke in 2008, Malcolm spent his last three years in a medico-social centre at Ferney Voltaire, confined to a wheel chair. His wife Jill gave up their beautiful house at Echenevex and moved to a flat at Ferney to be closer to her husband.

We share her loss, and we will never forget what Malcolm has been for CERN and for us. 

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