CERN Services

(information prepared by the CERN Social Service, date of September 2016)

The following information concerning several CERN services may be of interest to pensioners:

Connecting to the CERN public WiFi

Please read the corresponding announcement.

Access to the CERN site (update of November 2019)

See Operational circulars

Access points

The access points are listed in Annex I to the document “Implementation measures, subsidiary document to Operational Circular No. 2 (Rev. 3)”.

Car access

The administration has published in January the following article in the CERN Bulletin:

New IT tool for managing the registration of your vehicles

As part of improvements being made to security at CERN, vehicle registration plate readers have been installed at the entrances to the Meyrin and Prévessin sites. This has allowed us to implement a new IT tool that will make life easier, particularly for those of us who have several vehicles. The tool is available at this address:

With this new tool, from a computer or a smartphone, you can:

If you wish to add or remove vehicles from your list, you must go to the Registration Service in Building 55.

Please note that from February 2017, the car stickers currently required to access the CERN site will no longer be used.

N.B.: The rules of Operational Circular No. 2 concerning the number of vehicles authorised to enter the site simultaneously and parking conditions (maximum five-day limit) continue to apply.

We hope that this new tool will meet your expectations, in particular by allowing you more freedom in the choice of which vehicle you use to enter the CERN site.

SMB, BE and FAP departments

In addition, please note that according to information and experience collected since then

If you have any comments please use the contact form.

In Preparation of Retirement

«When you leave CERN» (brochure in pdf)
Documentation (slides, videos, Q/A) of the latest seminar “In Preparation of Retirement”, October 2007
This information can also be found on the HR site.

Education Service

Courses are open to pensioners, subject to places being available (see CERN Weekly Bulletin).

Social Service

This service, created to deal with problems of active staff, is also open to pensioners on a strictly confidential basis.  Inspect:  Social Affairs Service.