GAC-EPA — Groupement des Anciens du CERN-ESO Pensioners' Association

Aims of the GAC-EPA


The primary aim of the GAC-EPA is to allow retired staff members to stay in touch with the Organisation.  It allows a limited number of retired staff to assume responsibility for maintaining links to certain areas of the CERN administration which remain useful for former staff.  Those who assume this responsibility form the Committee of the GAC-EPA and are elected once every two years.

The way in which the GAC-EPA Committee works is through meetings held every month except for July and August.  The Committee has representatives on several bodies run by the Staff Association which meet regularly and also through "Permanences" which meet also about once per month.  Staff members and their spouses are welcome to come to the "Permanences" if they have questions or problems which they wish to see addressed by the GAC-EPA.  Examples of the Committees and "Permanences"are seen in the Table of the Responsibilities of the GAC-EPA Committee.

Membership of the GAC-EPA Committee is by election for terms of two years.  The elections are held every year and about half of the Committee is elected each year.  The aim of the Committee is to keep several nationalities on the Committee and French and English are the accepted languages.