Committee Members

Name Function e-mail
Bernard, Philippe President philippe.bernard@cern.ch
Bayard, Olivier Vice-president & Assistant Secretary zeus32@bluewin.ch
Jacob, Robert Treasurer robert.jacob-rols@wanadoo.fr
Pichler, Stephan Vice-treasurer  
Mathieu, Michel Secretary michel.mathieu24@wanadoo.fr
Committee Members, Delegates to the Council of the Staff Association
Barthelemy, Jean-François * Pensions and legal problems
representative to the Commission
for Legal protection
Wittgenstein, François * Suppleant: Pensions
representative to the Commission
for actuarial Matters
Diss, Jean Paul * Delegate, Medical, CHIS-B jean-pauldiss@wanadoo.fr
Lazeyras, Pierre * Delegate, Medical, CHIS-B pierre.lazeyras@cern.ch
Muzelier, Robert * Suppleant: Medical
representative to the Social
Protection Commission
Deluermoz, Edith * Delegate to the Working Group
on Pensions Guarantees
Barthelemy, René * Alternate to the Working Group on
Pensions Guarantees
representative to the Health and
Safety Commission
Vandoni, Carlo * Representative to the 5-yearly
Revision Commission
Thomas, Jean-Marie * Editor: GAC Bulletin jean-marie.thomas13@wanadoo.fr
Other Committee Activities
Beetschen-Buttay, Françoise Permanences
representative of GAC in the
Mutual Aid Fund
Sharp, Cynthia Permanences
alternate representative of GAC
in the Mutual Aid Fund
Ceselli, Mario Permanences  
Allaby, James Webmaster allaby@vtx.ch
Burlet, Alain Socio-cultural activities elbubu@wanadoo.fr

An asterisk means that this person has been elected as a delegate of the pensioners
to the Staff Council; he or she is an ex-officio member of the GAC Committee